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There must have been many situations, when you were inside a court  and in need of something very urgently, like a whitener, or red pen… and.. you did not have it.

Due to which the work did not happen as you wanted it to happen, right??

So, to avoid such situations you must make a list of things you must always carry whenever you go to court.

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In this blog post I have given a list of things which every litigator must carry while going to a court.

As you start practicing then you make a habit of carrying certain things without fail, because without those things you will not even be allowed to appear as advocate in any court.

Like your Coat, Collar Band & Brief.

And if you are practicing in High Courts and Supreme Court then also your Gown.

But, apart from these things, there are certain other things too which you must always carry.

Because, things does not always go as you plan.

You may come across things which you weren’t expecting.

So, as soon as you step out of your office on your way to any court or tribunal just go through a checklist of things you have to carry with you.

You may predict that the judge may simply adjourn the matter, but suddenly he may ask you to submit an adjournment application.


Your boss may be stuck somewhere else and out of nowhere, he may tell you to attend a matter at short notice.

At such situations when you are in a hustle, these tools would be of great help. One may call you a ‘chalta firta stationery’, but you have to become one, if you don’t want to screw yourself up in unavoidable circumstances.

Most of the things will be available in a stationery shop, while some you will get in the court premises only.

I would suggest making it a habit to carry it with you always.

Because, carrying these things will not only save your time but also convey among’st your seniors, colleagues, and others that you are sincere towards your work.



Yeah I know it is obvious. But, I am not only talking about only a single pen.

I am suggesting you to carry three pens with three different ink colors.

Blue, black and red.

Red pen is required for carrying out amendments(sometimes judges ask you to do it right away)

Black is used for amending the final copy of the filings.

And Blue for your signature and other normal writing.

You can also use it when you want to annotate something urgently in your notes.

You can use a 3 in one pen, which has multiple color refills in one pen itself.

Some dark color Highlighter.

It will be useful to highlight when you have some free time in court and you decide to read your file.

I am saying dark color, because when you take xerox of a page on which you have highlighted with a light color marker(like yellow or green) then it won’t show the markings on the xerox copy.

But, if you use a dark color like red then it will show in the xerox as well.

Bookmark flags or sticky notes.

These will be useful also for the same reason which I explained just now. For reading and making notes.


Mistakes happen, I understand.

But, it would look very ugly and unprofessional if you just scribble the mistake and give the document to a judge or even a senior lawyer. So, that’s why keep a whitener with you.

Glue stick, Small stapler.

You never know, when will you require these things. And when you need it, instead of asking others or searching for some shop, it’s better to have it with you.

A Small Diary.

To note down dates and some changes in the matters.

I strongly suggest you to start using an eDiary instead of a physical Diary.

You can watch a video over here on how you can make your eDiary.

But, still if you are not comfortable with that, then at least carry a small physical diary separately.

Some standard Application formats, Court fee stamps, etc.

These things depends in which courts or in which field you are practicing.

For example: If you are practicing in lower criminal courts then there are standard formats already available like an Exemption application, Bail Application, etc.

But, if you are practicing in some other court or tribunal, then you will be having some other types of Applications.

A Plastic folder with multiple compartments in it.

To keep all these formats and other stationery stuff organized at one place.

Or else, you will carry all the things carefully but waste more time in searching for things.

One may think that these things are obvious or its common sense.

But, just go through your past and think… were you not in trouble sometime just because you didn’t have any of these things??

When you become quite experienced then you are use to it. But, for newcomers such information is very helpful.

So, please do share it with your lawyer friends who have recently joined the profession.


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