Crash Course on “Blogging” for Lawyers.

Many lawyers write articles for newspapers & journals. But, in this internet world, is it sufficient?

How much of a newspaper do you read??

Why don’t you think of posting your articles online?

‘I am not so tech savvy…I don’t know how to do that..!!’

Chill… Blogging is no rocket science.

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This blog post will cover some tips on how you can start writing blogs & improve your branding.


Let me answer a common question first.

Why should you write?

  • It helps you to connect to a larger audience.
  • Before writing, you have to research about the topic, so it helps you update your knowledge about the field.
  • Improves your networking with others in this field. So other lawyers, seniors start recognizing you.
  • You can establish yourself as an expert in a particular specialization. If you write well about that particular topic.
  • Which eventually will connect you to more clients.

Writing articles for newspapers, journals is fine, it’s a good practice. But, do you know for young lawyers it’s quite difficult for their article to get published in reputed newspapers.


What must you do?

You can try for some newspapers, but if you don’t get proper response then do not waste time.

Because you can publish your article at other places for free of cost. Where you don’t even have to wait for your article to get reviewed by any publisher.

I would recommend you two such places.

First place is LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a website used specially for professional networking.

It works very well for Job seekers & employers who are finding employees.

After you create your profile on Linkedin, you can post your article anytime you want.

Just make sure that you keep increasing growing your connections so that your article will reach to more people.

Second is to post it on your Own blog.

Creating your own website is not much costly, you can start with as low as Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2000.

But, when you are just starting out and you don’t want to invest any money. Then, you can create your own blog for free on www.blogger.com or www.wordpress.com. The only difference here would be that you will get a extended sub-domain.

But, what’s the use of your writing if NO one is reading your blogs, and that the purpose for which you started a blog is not fulfilled.

There are thousands of blogs on internet. How will you stand out? and make sure that you reach your target audience, which may convert into clients.

Here are some tips for you –

  • If you just keep on writing on random topics, it will be of no use. So, you must stick to a niche. A niche in which you already are an expert or are planning to specialize in.
  • Make sure you post as frequently as you can.
  • Be consistent. Don’t post an article one day and the next article 4 months later. You may post once a week or once a month. But, make sure that you post it after regular intervals of time.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – Now, this one may be something new to you.
    Google.comyahoo.com, etc. are all search engines. These are the places where people search for answers to the questions or doubts they have.
    If you are want reach those people who may become your future clients, then you must write blogs in a particular format. So that it reaches to the correct people (i.e. your target audience).
    So, you have to optimize your blogs according to the terms or keywords those people are searching for.This is called Search Engine Optimization.
    For ex: If you are solely practicing Family Law, then you must think what will your clients search on the Internet. ….usually it will be like – How to get a divorce? Can husband get child’s custody?, etc.

You must determine what your potential clients are searching.
You know, Google itself can tell you…how to do that..!!

Just go to google and type a keyword in your specialization, but do not press enter. For ex:- we will type divorce…. Once you type… you will get a list below itself.
Now, if I just add “How” before “Divorce”….these are the terms.
These are the terms related to the keyword you typed, which most of the people are searching for.

So, after doing this SEO study you must write blogs on topics which most people are searching in your specialization.

But, there are already so many articles written by many people. You can find those articles after you search it on google.

So, your article must rank on the 1st page of google for that search term.
Only then it will reach to more number of people.

So, how can you do that? Here are some tips for that too

  • Your article must not be a small 300 to 400 words. More bigger, more better. Don’t go off topic but go as detailed as you can.
    Your one article must answer the question of the client. And in addition to that, also those questions related to that question must be answered which may arise later.
  • Use Bullet points, numbered lists wherever necessary.
  • Add images & videos to explain clearly.
  • Insert links to other relevant websites. If you copied a point from wikipedia then state it there and leave a link (source: wiki…)
  • Share wherever you can like facebook, twitter, whatsapp, etc.

After writing a blog, you can copy the same blog and paste it on LinkedIn.

Or You can copy just half of the blog, paste it on LinkedIn and leave a link below your post stating “To read more Click here” And when people will click there, they will be directed to your blog.

BonusTip – As you have stayed so long, here is a bonus tip for you.

You can also add the link of your blog in your Email Signature.

What? You don’t know what a email signature is. Don’t worry I have already made a video on How to make Professional Gmail Signature for Lawyers. You can read the blog post or watch the video, both are available there.

There are many things to be learnt about blogging. Even I’am still learning. And it cannot be covered in one short video or post.

But, Yes I have covered the most important points here, which I learned after blogging for about a year.

So, if you follow these tips you will surely get a good start.

Did you find this post helpful? If yes, then please help your friends too by sharing this it with them.

Last Words

If you are planning to start blogging, then keep thinking just start. Starting is the biggest thing, once you start you are already ahead of so many of others.

Don’t think much or keep on researching. Because, researching will never end, just start and simultaneously you can continue researching and with that you will keep on learning and improving yourself.

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