How to use “ECourts” ?

Our Judiciary have finally started taking some steps towards Digital India. Use of technology properly will prove a boon in reducing most of the problems, of litigants as well as advocates and other judicial authorities.

The “ECourts project” is one such major initiative which is doing its bit for the same. The project includes many things including a website. The website provides relevant information of all court cases. For example:- current status of the case(roznama), next date, orders passed by the courts, etc. Along with this, it also provides statistical data regarding the pendency of cases throughout various courts of India and links of all High Court Websites.  

To avail all such services, you can simply visit its website or download the ecourts app which is available on android and ios as well.

App users can get all their doubts cleared regarding the usage of the app, through the information available on the respective App Store. The App Store provides all information step by step through images.

While surfing through the website, if you are not able to find information related to your case or any other information which you need, then you can check out their YouTube channel. They have made many explanatory videos which will answer most of your questions like…

How to check your Case Status by Case Number ?


Check a Court Order?


“Import Export – My Cases” through ECourts App?


They have also uploaded some videos in Hindi, like…

विवांदियों के नाम से तथा पार्टी के नाम से केस की स्थिती खोजे


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