Enhance your Career with Online Law Courses

From the past few years of the internet age, online education has increased with a boom.
There are many websites too who has taken the Legal Education Sector online, offering many courses related to Indian Laws & Practice. Specially focusing to provide quality legal education to Indian Lawyers & Law students.


Click here to watch more such videos..!!!

In this blogpost I’m not going to give you a long list of all such courses.
I will be talking about various helpful websites which offer these courses.

Some of these courses are paid and some are free.
There are many websites which are providing such courses related to Indian laws & practice, some of which are:-




There are other websites, which do not offer courses specifically related to Indian law. But, general topics like Contracts, International law, Criminal law, Law & Justice, etc..

Some of those well known websites are:-






But, while surfing through the internet, I found a website which.. is like a DATABASE.

The name of that website is – www.class-central.com

So, you just type a topic and it will show you all courses related to that topic available on other websites.


Why must you enroll into these courses? What are the advantages?

You may also think, why to waste money on such courses? Paise ped pe toh ugte nahi…!!!

See, Law is very huge, and your college is going to cover only those areas which is given in the University’s syllabus.

So, such courses will provide you with that practical knowledge, which your law degree was unable to provide.

  • It will add a certificate to your Resume.
  • You will save your travel time because you don’t have to go anywhere. You just need your laptop or mobile & your earphones. Then, sit at any comfortable place in your house.
  • There are no time restrictions. You can watch it according to your schedule and watch it n-number of times.
  • If you are a student & have already decided the area of law, in which you are going to work. Then taking up courses related to that area will help you grow.. Faster….
  • Even if you haven’t decided, still you must take up such courses because when you start working you will come across many cases, dealing with multiple areas of law. So, your knowledge will never go waste.

Talking about the money..!!
See, your parents… mostly, won’t stop you from investing in such educational courses.
Even if you think that it will burden your parents unnecessarily, then you can easily arrange the money by saving some part of your salary or earn it by doing some part time jobs.
And, yeah as said earlier many websites offer some free courses too.


Now, the question arises, How to choose?

I obviously don’t suggest you to keep on enrolling in all online courses. Because, it takes time and money, both.

In addition to that, think practically while choosing a topic.
For example, if you have worked for decent amount of time with a Consumer organisation or a Lawyer practicing solely consumer law and you are confident that you know in and out about Consumer Law & practice in India.
Then, enrolling for a online course about “Basics of Consumer Law” won’t make sense.
You must choose a topic from which you will Learn something New, a topic about which you already don’t know much.

All other things are fine. But, What about the quality? What if I pay for the course and then realise that it was not at all worth it.

For that you can do some homework.

  • Ask for reviews from your friends if they have done that course.
  • Check, if that website has a YouTube channel. If they have, then go through the videos and also read some comments.
  • Just google it, you may come across some media articles or Quora answers regarding the company.
  • If that website offers a free course then go through it. And, if not then enroll into a course which is offered at very low cost in that website.

After doing all this, you will get sufficient amount of IDEA about the course content & its quality. Now, you have enough data to analyse and decide.


I have made a pdf of relevant courses for Lawyers…!! Click here to get that pdf.

I, also have made a review video about an online course & book named Justice. You can watch that by clicking here – Justice – what’s the right thing to do?.

Have you enrolled into any of such online courses?? Did it help you?? If you have, then please recommend some of your most favourite online law courses in the comments below.

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