Google Calendar Tips for Lawyers



Have you ever forgot about an important meeting? Or forgot about a thing your mom told you to bring while coming from office?
Yes, we forget if we don’t stay organised.
But, some simple tools can help us become better.


This blog will help you know, how you can use Google Calendar in your profession as a lawyer.


Google Calendar is free app, usually already installed in your mobile by default (if you are using a Android mobile). Which most of us use, only for checking public holidays & court vacations…!!


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You can use Google Calendar for setting reminders for completing your personal tasks, like –


  • Going to the gym
  • Reading a book
  • Picking up your kids after school, etc.





You can also use it for your professional work too..!!


Google apps can be used from your mobile & your computer as well.


When using pc, just go to this link here – https://calendar.google.com & login with your gmail account.


Then, you can select reminder for things like your personal tasks as i said above – gym, reading book, etc.


Or professional tasks like – “Meet Adv. Nishant before going to court”. You may have some work, discuss that case with him before appearing. Like that….


You can select the date, fix the time over here. And if you want to repeat it on other days… then you can schedule it accordingly.


After the task is over you can just select it and mark it as done.


But if it’s not a small task, its something more detailed then select “Events” and click more options.





Add all the details as you added for the reminders. Like…
Title – Meeting with Client


Add the location. Delhi, Mumbai…whatever it is.


If you are going to video call through “hangout” then you can select it there.


If you want a notification before 10 or 20 mins you can adjust it there. (This feature is above ‘Add Notification’ in the image)


You can also change the event color… (Can you see a Green dot somewhere in the middle of the image, you can change the color there.)


You can also add your notes here. You can write something like..”Discussing the Contract”. You can also attach a document, file or image relevant to the event. (All these things you can do in the ‘Event description’)


Then if you want to share this event with your other Associates or Juniors…whoever will be attending the meeting, you can do it by adding them to that event. You just have to add their email id in the ‘Add Guests’ section.


Once you have added members to the event, even they will get the notifications of that event provided they have the app.



There are some more features like, you can also create a ‘New calendar‘.
This feature is for those who are involved in multiple things and have their own individual tasks. So, you can create multiple Calendars and segregate tasks according to their category and then add those tasks in that corresponding Calendar.



But, everyday many people like me…forget to take a look at their Calendar itself.
Don’t worry Google itself will remind you. Just, go to settings and select general notifications.. And here for daily agenda select email. So that every morning you will receive an email specifying all the events and reminders for that day. This is really a good feature.


Apart from these, there are many other features too with the paid version of Google GSuite.


Like adding appointments. (Very helpful feature for lawyers).

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You can check out the details of Google GSuite and other features here – https://gsuite.google.co.in/intl/en_in/products/calendar/


You can use these paid features at only Rs.150 per month. (This is the current price when the bog was published) https://gsuite.google.co.in/intl/en_in/pricing.html
Which is way too low, considering the features they are offering. Even a pizza costs more than 150 nowadays.


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I would suggest you, to plan your day one day before when you are at your home. And do it on your computer. Then it will be easy for you to keep track of all your tasks & events from your mobile.


Have any doubts?? Download the pdf Guide which explains step by step, how to use the basic features of the calendar app.


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