Google Drive for Lawyers

As you know, we lawyers have to draft a lot of documents.

And most of the lawyers make the draft in a word document, save it, and send that file as an attachment through email.

Then the boss sends it back with mistakes and suggestions and then you again send the corrected file and then finally the boss approves the document.

Isn’t this process a bit long? Can’t we shorten it?

Have you heard about Google Docs.

Click here to watch more such videos…!!

This blog post will tell you about some google drive & docs features which will be useful to you as a lawyer.

As I just told you above, this email…correction…then again email…I think that this procedure can be shorten.

But, How?

Have you heard about Google Drive? Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service developed by Google.

Just go to drive.google.com and log in with your google account or your gmail account.

And you will be able to see all your files if you are a android user, as I said it is a file storage service and is synced through your gmail account.

You can create and store docs, presentations(ppts), spreadsheets, etc. and all will be stored here on Cloud and not on your computer.

You can also make folders here and organize all your files properly.

And do you know how much storage you get??…. Its, 15 gigabytes (15 GB) for free…!!

I think that’s quite enough for lawyers, because we usually make word documents which takes less space compared to music files or videos.

And even if you require more space, then you can buy it from google. But, trust me you won’t need that much space.

But, what’s the link of this with the story which I narrated at the beginning?

This is the question you have right? Ok..I am coming to the point.

I am just saying instead of making your drafts in word, you can create the same document in Google Docs. And share the link of that document with your boss, which will be more simpler, will take less time and it has some advantages too.

Just go to docs.google.com.

And you can prepare your draft there. ‘An agreement’ or a ‘Complaint’ or you can draft whatever you want to.

There are many features available here, which is normally available in any word/document making software, you can also use those features.

After you type and your draft is ready, just go to the top right hand corner, and click on the blue button to share.

Add the email id of your boss here.

So, you save all time of opening your email and all that stuff…

After adding the email, click send and this document which you created will be mailed to your boss directly from your gmail account.

But, ya…before sending, click on this pencil like icon on the right hand side. And select ‘can edit’ or ‘can comment’ here. So, that your boss can edit the document here itself or comment his suggestion on it.

And as soon as he does that, you can see all the changes he has done here itself. You don’t have to open your email & download the file and then edit.

So, remember to select ‘can edit’ or ‘can comment’ here or else if by default “can view” was selected then your boss will be able to only view and not edit. And you may have some trouble just for this small mistake.

Or you can also go on the top right corner of that box, and click ‘Get shareable link’. Then copy this link and share it with your boss through ‘WhatsApp’, using the desktop version of ‘WhatsApp’.

If you don’t know much about the desktop version of WhatsApp, then you can check out a blog post I had written on “Shift from Diary to eDiary”. You will get a practical understanding of its use.

Now, we will quickly go through the advantages of using this method

  • You don’t have to save the file… You may remember how many times you had to do the whole work again only because you didn’t save the file & the data was lost due to some reason. But, in Docs whatever changes you do are automatically saved here, so you don’t have to keep on pressing Ctrl+S.
  • You can easily share and get the work done as shown just now.
  • Your files will be uploaded in cloud, so you can access those files from your mobile too or from any another computer anywhere in the world. So, you don’t have to carry those files everywhere in your pendrive.
  • And there is a mobile app too. So, in case you are stuck somewhere where your time is getting wasted but you can’t leave then just open this ap in your mobile and start editing your drafts, documents…

If you have a Microsoft account then you can also use OneDrive which comes free with Microsoft office and it also has similar features.

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