‘Google Ecosystem’ for Lawyers

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There are so many apps in our Mobile. Do we use all the apps?

Do you know, how big is google? What is Google EcoSystem?

In this blog post we are going to explore most of the apps of Google. We will also get a basic idea of how can those apps be useful in our profession as lawyers.

We all use mobiles nowadays, two major operating systems which have covered the mobile markets are Android & IOS.

Mobile Operating System… What is it? It’s nothing but an important Software through which your Mobile works. Without this your mobile can’t even start.

When we think about Google, many people just see it as a Search Engine. But Google is much more than that, it has created many products till now and most of it, it still offers for free.

Android is an Operating System which is also developed by Google.

Most of us are using some products of Google but not using it so effectively. Many of them don’t even know that these apps & services are developed by Google.

So, I decided to give you a glimpse about Google in short and tell you how you can use its services in our profession as a lawyer.

Firstly you need to get a gmail account, which most of us already have and those who don’t have can open it anytime. So, I suggest you to open a gmail account… it’s free.

For that you can go to www.gmail.com, fill in your details and click on create account. Your account will be created instantly.

If you already have an account you can log in with that account too. But, I would suggest that you create a new account, which would be dedicated only to your work and nothing else.

After that, just go to www.google.com. There is a nine dot icon on the top right hand corner on the web page. Click There and you will see all the Google Apps.

The first icon in that list shows through which google account you have logged in. Then comes…

Google Maps – You must have used this app in your Mobile, it uses global positioning system (GPS). Through this app you can easily reach to your destination, even if you are new to a place. You can find the shortest route to your destination. And many such features are there which are very helpful while travelling.

YouTube – You can make videos and upload it here. It is a free platform for uploading videos which anyone in the world can watch.

You can use this to create your own channel and make videos which showcase your expertise.


Play Store – A store where you find Apps like these, there are thousands of Apps of different categories, both free & paid.

Even you can create your own App or your Law Firm’s App and publish it in the App market. After you publish, your App will be available for download here.


G News – Through this App you can stay updated to current affairs and various types of news. There is also a tool through which you can filter the news. So, that whenever you want to read news, then news related to only those specific categories will shown to you.


GMail – The messaging system started by word of mouth, then came letters, phone, and then electronic mails through computers.

GMail is one of the largest Electronic Mailing service, where you can send and receive emails for free.

Contacts – You can store all your mobile contacts numbers as well as email ids of people here. So, that whenever you choose to buy a new mobile or any other device, you can easily access all your contacts from here. And you don’t need to manually transfer it from your old mobile to your new mobile.

Google Drive – Google Drive is a file storage service. It’s a safe place for keeping all your files, like your videos, photos, and documents – all files are backed up safely so you can’t lose them.

You can also easily share these files with others and allow them to edit.

You can save up to 15 gigabytes of data here for free, if you want more space then you have to subscribe to their paid plan.

Google Calendar – This is a management & scheduling App. Used for creating events, reminders, tasks, etc.

This app also provides information regarding public holidays.

Within this app you can also create multiple calendars according to different category of work.

Google plus – Google Plus is a social networking service similar to Facebook. Which didn’t become much popular, so they are shutting this platform now.

Translate – This service instantly translates words, phrases, and even web pages between English and over 100 other languages.

Google Photos – It’s a photo gallery. Your photos and videos will be automatically backed up on cloud. And it is saved there in an organized manner, so you can find and share them faster.

One best advantage of this service is that you will never run out of space on your phone, as you can back up all your images & videos from your phone very easily.

Docs – With Google Docs, you can create and edit text documents right in your web browser and no special software is required.

Blogger – Blogger is a blog-publishing service. The blogs are hosted by Google and it generally has a sub-domain of blogspot.com. For example: if I open my blog, then the domain name would be prasannanaidu.blogspot.com.

Keep – Google Keep is a note-taking service. Keep offers a variety of tools for taking notes, including text, lists, images, and audio.

There are many more Apps & Services, all of them is not covered in this blog post. I have just covered those Apps which are more important for You.

Best thing is that Google works completely on cloud. Which means that you can access all of these apps from your computer as well as your mobile. And whatever changes you do from any device will be updated in the cloud.

So you can create a file from your mobile, then access the same file from your computer and make some changes. After that, when you access that file from your mobile again, it will be updated with all the changes which you did from your computer.

This post is just an attempt to familiarize you with apps and services provided by Google for free.

Even if you start using these free tools, I am sure that your working style will change completely and you will become more efficient.

If you want to have a more clear idea about all these tools, then you can watch some videos on YouTube which I have created using these tools.

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