How can Lawyers use Mind Maps??

We lawyers are hustling around courts, managing multiple cases.

Have you been in a such a situation, where you forgot or got confused with the facts of the cases?

In this blog post, I’am going to tell you how you can use a simple and free tool to improve your memory and remember facts easily and clearly.

No, I am not going to give you any jadibooti or some medicinal syrup..!! lol

See, I know we forget things happen when you are handling too many cases. And especially when you have multiple cases of the same client or you have multiple clients with similar names.

Making notes of that particular case is the best option to get a clear idea about the case.

There are many ways through which you can make notes. One of which is through making Mind maps. (which is my favourite)

A Mind Map is a diagram used to visually organize information. A mind-map is hierarchical and it shows some connection from one topic to another.

The usage of such diagrams traces back centuries ago. But, the term “mind-map” was first popularized by famous British author and television personality Tony Buzan.

Mind-maps can be used to structure, and classify ideas, which are helpful in studying and organizing information, solving problems and making decisions.

For making such mind-maps there are many free apps available on mobile as well as web apps are also there.

Just type “free mind-map tools on google… and you will get a list”.

One of my favourite web app is “Coggle”. It’s also available on Android and iOS store.


Coggle is a free mind-mapping web application.

  • All the Mind Maps which you create there are automatically saved. So, you can view it, whenever you want.
  • You can add Images, Links inside the Mind Maps.
  • You can also add small emoji or emoticons.
  • You can Add Comments on items.
  • And you can also share your Mind Maps with others through a link. Then, even they can edit it. This is very helpful, when you are working on something with multiple people as a group.

After your Mind Map is done, you can download it in an image form or a PDF format.

We’ll just see how Coggle actually works…

Just go to coggle.it and log in with your google account.

Then, select ‘create diagram’ there.

You can have a look at this Mind-map, which I had made while studying Indian Constitution.

You can make Mind Maps according to your relevant topics.

So, you can use this mind-map method for 2 things… you can either use it for making notes on some particular subjects you are studying OR for making notes on a case you are working on.


Here are some Guidelines for creating good mind maps:

  1. Start in the center with an image of the topic.
  2. Use images, symbols, codes throughout your mind map.
  3. Select keywords using upper or lower case letters.
  4. Keep each word/image on its own line. The lines should be connected, starting from the central image. And make the lines become thinner as they radiate out from the center.
  5. Use multiple colors throughout the mind map.
  6. Develop your own personal style of mind mapping.

If you don’t want to add one more app on your mobile, then do you remember about that app ‘OneNote’…Yeah… you can also use ‘OneNote’ for making these mind-maps. It is a free app & part of Microsoft Office.

Also, if you are not much comfortable using any app or website. Then, you can try directly drawing or writing it on a piece of paper.

Using this method is important, because it will be surely helpful for your memory.


I created an online Course, where I used this Mind-Map method for understanding and revising the important parts of the Indian Constitution.

It’s a free course available on Unacademy.

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