How to choose a Law School?

Here are some tips which may help you decide which Law School you should join.

If you Google up top law schools in India, you will find a list of National Law Universities (NLUs) along with some other reputed colleges, you will also get some statistics and relevant information regarding those colleges. But, you must decide properly and go for the institution which will suit your needs.


If you really have a very low score in your 12th or final year exams and CLAT or whatever entrance exams you have taken, then thinking of taking admission in a top NLU is an impractical dream for you unless you make it happen by not so recommended means.


You are confident enough that you will get admission into a specific college. But, have you inquired about the fees per year in that institute? expenses other than tuition fees? If you are an outstation student, then Hostel charges, mess charges, etc? Can you afford it? If not then can you make proper arrangements for it? Don’t worry much, because nowadays loans are available easily, so you can apply for loans. You also can apply for scholarships if you are eligible. But you have to make the required preparations for the same beforehand to avoid the hustle later.


Most students prefer Delhi or Mumbai, which makes sense. Delhi having all types of courts, tribunals, forums, High Court and even the Supreme Court,so it becomes the nerve center for lawyers. Mumbai is a hub for everything and also has most of the courts and tribunals except the Supreme Court. But, it’s not like if you want to become a renowned lawyer then you have to be from these two places only. There are legends who came from small towns and made history. But, my suggestion would be that at least find a college which is in a city, so that you may get some exposure while you are studying. Because usually Courts ,other Government and administrative offices, firms, MNCs, etc. with whom lawyers deal with in their day to day lives are located mostly in cities only.

NLU or Non-NLU ?

Just because it’s a NLU, doesn’t mean that it is THE BEST. Most of the newly opened NLUs are struggling to get even 50% placements done for their students.

Placements are not the only point to be considered, most of the colleges also have poor quality of faculty, do not provide the basic necessities of a good library, proper infrastructure, canteen, sports club, hostel, etc.

One must get the knowledge about these things through friends, family or whatever means they can and then make your decision.

Finally, don’t place your complete trust on internet sources, especially advertisements while judging a particular college. Some sources will just try to sell the college in order to get business. So, go through the points mentioned above, sort out some colleges and figure out which one will suit you the best, to provide what you want from a law college and also practically think about your eligibility and chances of getting into the same. ALL THE BESTΒ πŸ‘ !!!Β 

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