How to use eCourts App?

Many lawyers use the eCourts App for checking Case details.

Do you know that eCourts App has many other features too? Have you tried that?

In this blog post below, I have covered all important features which a lawyer must use.

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Before that I would like to tell you an incident of my life.

Once when I was working with an advocate as his junior, he just gave me file in hurry and told me to appear in the court.

I was knowing nothing about the case. Matter was called out in the court, I appeared for our client…asked for a date.

And instead of simply adjourning the matter, the judge asked me something about the case.

And I was like… I think I don’t have to tell you that. It was an embarrassing moment.

Even you must have also gone through such incidents n your career. It happens with many lawyers especially junior lawyers.

Then, I got to know about this ‘eCourts Services’ App. Through this app you can get all details about all cases filed in the District courts of India.

Whenever such incident happens, I use to quickly open the App, locate my case and read the history of past few dates of that matter.

So, I was knowing what had happened last time in this matter.

This information always helped me and I was able to appear before the judge and get the work done without much hassle and embarrassment.

Project “eCourts” was started in 2005 in order to transfer Indian Judiciary with the help of technology.

As a part of implementation of the project, this App named “eCourts Services” was also launched by the government in July 2017.

The App is available on Android store as well Apple store. Here, we will go through the Android App.

This App is useful to find details of cases filed in District Courts throughout the Country. But, it does not contain details of cases filed in High Courts & Supreme Court.

There is a unique number called CNR, if you know it than you can directly find details by typing the case details in the app.

If you don’t have it, still you can get all details. Don’t worry.



Just go to this section named “Case Status”. Select your State, then select your district. After that you can find your Case by entering any of your details here.

Like… if you know only the party’s name, then click here enter the party’s name and get details of your case.

Likewise you can find details by entering any of the following details… Case number, Filing number, advocate’s name, FIR number, case type and yeah also by the Act’s name.

If you know under which Act was the case filed. Then click on that symbol named ‘Act’, fill the details & you can get here all the cases which are been filed in this Court under this Act.


Cause List

The daily cause-list which is usually displayed outside the courtroom can be viewed here.

You just have to enter the these details and you will get the causelist of that exact courtroom. Isn’t it helpful. You don’t have to stand outside the court or find the causelist inside the court.


And lastly in the My Cases section, you can add all cases in which you are involved.

So, that you don’t have to type all details when you want to know something about your own case.

And just by a click you can keep a track of these cases.

These are the features of this app, which most of the people use.

But, this App has some more features.

On the top left corner you can see three horizontal lines, click on it.

If you are new to any place and don’t know where exactly the court is located, then you can find that by using this “Court Complex Locator”. Type these details and a map will be displayed over here with the location of the court.

And one more feature is this “ePay”. If you want to pay court fees, judicial deposit, any fine or penalty, then it can be paid here.

Click on it, fill those details & pay.

Your payment is done & you don’t have to go anywhere.

Personally, I have not yet tried this feature. So I do not know if there is anything more in the process of paying after filling the details.

If you have tried this feature then do comment below and tell us more about it. And if you haven’t tried it, then try it and then comment it here.

Help the Lawyer community by sharing your knowledge.

Some Tips regarding usage of this App

You can’t rely completely on the App.

Sometimes, the court staff do not upload the causelist so you are unable to see it there. Sometimes they even make some changes in the cause-list which is not updated in the App.

Likewise, also when you check the case details you may encounter similar problems. Like incomplete information or the Judgements are not uploaded, etc.

Implementation of the App is not yet proper, but I think it will improve.

Though the App is good, if the matter is very important then I suggest you to confirm the information manually and don’t rely completely on the information of the App.

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