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“I learnt soon enough that justice had little to do with the legal system, if at all. I also learnt that justice was of little interest to a great many service providers of the legal system. Last, and definitely most, I learnt that the last thing the service providers in the justice machine wanted to do was be just to each other. It was a dog eat dog world of self-serving street fighting, no quarter was asked or given, and the winner took all. When the velvet gloves came off, there was blood on every hand. It took twenty years for the reality of the legal world to sink in. When it did finally permeate to the depths of my soul, I enthusiastically embraced the ethical void. This book will tell you how I did this, and why. It is about that journey.”

– Ranjeev Dubey


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In this blog post, I am going to talk about a book named “Legal Confidential – Adventures of an Indian Lawyer” by Ranjeev C. Dubey.


Mr. Ranjeev C Dubey is a corporate lawyer, author, columnist, public speaker & blogger.
Holds a degree in Economics and Law.

Joined the chamber of a senior in the Tees Hazari Courts in Delhi early in 1981.

And started his own chamber practice in July 1983.

Ranjeev ran his independent trial court practice for fourteen years and looking back, he believes these were the years that set the foundation for the development of his personality as a lawyer.

Then he moved to corporate law & by 1997, his transformation into a corporate commercial transactional lawyer was complete.

In February 2000, Ranjeev established his green field law firm now called ‘N South’. He has been its Managing Partner since then.


He has also written 3 books till now –

  • “Winning Legal Wars”
  • “Bullshit Quotient” &
  • “Legal Confidential: The Adventures Of An Indian Lawyer”

We all have seen courtroom dramas in movies. But the real life of litigation and a litigator one only comes to know, after Stepping into litigation.


Legal confidential – The ADVENTURES of an Indian lawyer. It is so true, we lawyers go through so many adventures, isn’t it?


In this book the author Ranjeev Dubey describes the personal experiences he had throughout the journey. Starting right from his career as a trial lawyer, till he established his own Corporate law firm.


It starts with his “Learning years”. After gaining experience under a senior for 2 years, he started his independent practice in Delhi’s Tees Hazari Courts.

In the starting part of the book he tells us about the type of clients he represented & what types of cases he got. All of it, with his humorous way of storytelling.

For example – he tells about a cross examination he took…where he says

“You can’t get a divorce under Hindu law only because your wife is found naked in bed with a guy watching Kaun Banega Crorepati. For adultery to be proved, you have to prove penile penetration.”

After reading the whole cross examination..no person can control his laughter. (I’am not going to reveal the whole cross examination here, because you will enjoy it more when you read it yourself…)


He continues the whole cross examination…the dialogue between him, his witness & the judge. And later also tells what mistakes he made in this cross examination.


Later in the book, he continues with some more cases, goes into the facts of those cases, life of his clients, his colleagues, etc. with his same humorous style.


I must say that he has described every character in the book very well, which many authors fail to do so.


He also talks about his struggle which most of the lawyers go through at the start of their career.
For ex: I think you know it… Yeah… low salary…can we call it a salary…stipend is a better word,right?? Whatever it is…
He talks about his accomodation in Delhi, travelling, his routine as a bachelor… from standing in the Milk Booth line in morning to making his breakfast (2 breads with butter and an omlette..thats it).


Then he talks about his seniors, with whom he had worked. Their working style.


He also talks about some judges… he tells about an incident..where he says,

“A young judge told me that he was regularly heckled by undertrials on bail when he took his daily ride to court on a DTC bus. The bus was all he could afford, and there were days he feared for his life. Judge’s didn’t demand or get Kalashnikov-toting bodyguards back then.”


He has given intricate details about the working of Trial Courts, the way it actually works…!!
Also calling of matters, recording of evidence, arguments, etc. of course with reference to Tees Hazari courts at that time, because he was practicing there.


I liked the chapter named “Hard Choices”, where he talks about choosing a career option for newbies.
He goes into the practice at lower & higher courts etc.
What’s important, what’s not.
Also narrates his personal bad experiences from his childhood till now on How’s the real world out there.


Likewise he continues with how he started growing in this field.

Joining a Law FIRM, getting into Corporate Law. The working system of firms, types of people you come across, politics behind everything, etc.

I won’t go into much details here, because I want YOU to read the book.

He also talks about some really interesting cases he was involved in when he was working in the firm.

So, don’t miss it.


Why should you read this book??
I have given enough reasons. but, still here are some more.

  • The book is written by a lawyer who is in his sixties now. So he obviously has a ton of experience in this field than most of us.
  • As it contains his personal experiences, the incidents are very relatable. In way it makes this book a guide for all practicing lawyers, especially those who are just starting out.
  • It will help you understand the system better & Do’s & Don’ts for a successful career ahead.
  • In addition to that, the author does not use any legal jaron & has a very humorous writing style. So you never get bored and are always curious to know what will be coming up next.
  • Gives a very real look inside – what it means to be Lawyer, the challenge, the struggle – making of a career in one of the most complex professions. Which most probably you won’t find in any movie or a book.

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