Paperless Note taking for Lawyers

We lawyers keep on hustling, and suddenly your senior comes and tells you something important about a case or a client…and afterwards when when your senior asks you to update about it…sometimes you remember & sometimes you don’t.

Have you gone through such incidents??

Noting it somewhere is the proper solution to it.

But, taking handwritten notes is not always possible for you? right..??

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There are many small & big things on which we have to workout throughout the day. And sometimes we cannot fit it in just a Reminder of your mobile.

There are things which need to be written with more details. At such time, taking notes is the best option.

But, we are not able to carry our Notepad with us everywhere.

So what can we do??

We carry our mobiles everywhere…right..?!!

Why not take down notes in your mobile then. There are many Note taking apps available on the app store, one of the best note taking apps I know are Microsoft’s OneNote & EverNote.

Both are good.

OneNote is completely free. EverNote has its free & paid versions with different features. You can try both & choose anyone according to your needs.

To give you an idea on how to use the App for your Notes, we will just go through OneNote here.

Both these Apps are available on mobile as well as desktop and are connected through cloud, which is the best thing. So you can use the App from any device & all changes you make ANYWHERE will be updated in the cloud.


To use OneNote, first you have to login through your Microsoft account. After logging in you will see this.

On the left hand side you can create a Notebook. And then just beside the notebook’s column, you can add sections in that notebook and then pages inside the sections…!!

Then in each page… you can add your notes

Not only can you add text but also images, videos, links, etc.

So, example if you wan tot create a database containing all cases that you handle, you can add details something like this below –

Notebook -> Case details

Sections -> SC, HC

Pages -> Case Notes, Client details

You may be thinking, Notes means you can only add text.

Now, in the page named Case Notes here, you can add much more.

You can organize it the best way you find it easy to understand. Once, you start using the App & explore, you will understand more…how to use.

On the top left side of the menu bar, go through these tabs over here – “Insert”, ”Draw”

You can Insert an image, a table, audio file, video file, a web-link and even a pdf document.

In Draw section, you can draw with pencil, pen, highlight, erase, add shapes, etc.

Using these tools, you can add your notes by both ways… by typing and by handwriting.

In case you add a document…you can highlight text in the doc and also add comments beside the document as well as inside it.

Ex- If you are doing research on a topic, and you find a relevant article in a newspaper, then you can just take its picture, add it here. Then mark, highlight, add pointers…

Many times it happens that you are doing some activity & remember or get an important idea about some other work. And if do not note it down at that time, then you forget it.

It happens when are you are travelling, doing some daily tasks or even while bathing.

At such moment. You can just open the App, there is already a Notebook created by default, click it and then click the Quick Notes section and type it there.

So, whatever comes to your mind during such incidents, just open this app and scribble down whatever you have to…just empty your mind here.

It use to happen with me, when my boss use to call me in his cabin and dictate me some important things about a matter. I use to write it down in a book. And if there were some images then he would send me through ‘Whatsapp’. And also hand over me the case file.

Information was there, but scattered everywhere.

But by using such note taking apps and using such not taking strategies you can keep everything at one place itself.

You may be already having Note-taking apps in your mobile inbuilt.

For ex- in my Samsung mobile I have an App called Samsung Notes, which provides most of these features, like adding text, handwritten, videos, images, etc.

But such Apps like Samsung Note, Google Keep, or any other basic note taking App which you may have will only allow you to take notes. But, not with so many features which apps like OneNote offer, where you can create different notebooks with multiple sections and pages in it.

So, by this way you can take notes in less time and your work’s quality will improve. And your boss will be more Happy… lol (impossible claim….I know)

This is one method of making quick notes for professionals like lawyers using the App OneNote.

Hope you liked this post.

What method or hack do you use when you are working and want to note something important??

If you have any better solution then comment it below and let all your fellow lawyer friends know about it.

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