Shift from Diary to E-Diary..!!

But, WHY we still use a Diary? When we can manage cases with our mobile..!!

Are you still using a diary for managing your dates?? Don’t you think there can be a more efficient solution?

As a litigator, you have to attend multiple matters on a day and that too in different courts. This is your regular schedule.

After attending a matter, a date is been given for the next hearing of that matter.

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The advocate accepts the date given to him by the court OR asks for some other date according to his client’s convenience & his schedule of other matters written in his DIARY..

The date is decided and the advocate marks down that date in his Diary.

This is the usual procedure any practicing advocate follows.

Advocates have to carry their case files, relevant bare acts and notes… most of time when they attend a hearing. Apart from that, your coat, collar band, gown, etc. also have to be carried.

These things are not avoidable. But, One thing is… “The Diary” you carry for writing dates. I agree it’s a SMALL thing, but why to burden yourself with unnecessary things?? Especially when you can get that work done with a device which you carry anyway.. “Your Mobile..!!”

Nowadays there are some case management apps, softwares with the help of which you can do that.


But, If you have some concerns like –

I don’t want to download more apps, I already have too many…it disturbs me.

My phone is lagging because of insufficient memory. Or

I just don’t want an extra app, just to handle this thing.

I can tell you a better way, where you can note down the dates & manage cases without downloading any EXTRA apps..!!

You can use an App named  “WhatsApp”, which you have in you mobile ALREADY.

1)  Make a WhatsApp group of your office members.

2)  Tell everyone to add details of the case here after they attend a hearing of a case.

Basic Details such as :-

  • Name of the case
  • Before which court &/or coram
  • Business of the hearing
  • Next Date

So, if an advocate attends 5 court hearings on a day, then he will send these details of all 5 matters in that WhatsApp Group.

Likewise all other associates will do the same. So, you will have a record of all your matters for that day.

But, it will be difficult on WhatsApp to track case details of a PARTICULAR date.

So for that, after you go to your office in evening, just copy-paste all those details in tabular format in a Microsoft Excel Sheet on your Computer.

So that, you can just press (Ctrl+F) and find all details of a particular case of a particular date.


BUT, how will you copy these details from WhatsApp and paste it there??

There is a computer version of WhatsApp also known as “WhatsApp for PC”.

You just have to download it on your computer, install that software and login with the same number which you are using for WhatsApp messaging in your mobile. You can download it here – https://www.whatsapp.com/download/

Whenever you open “WhatsApp” on your Computer, it will link your mobile with it. You can see all you messages & group conversations which you have in your mobile. So, from here you can easily copy-paste your case details from your office group to an Excel sheet.


If you are practicing alone and don’t have any associate or junior with you. Then, how will you make a group?? Because WhatsApp requires at least two members to create a group.

We have small trick for that, you can create a group by adding any one of your friends in it and after the group is created, just remove that friend from that group.

Now, you will be the only person in that group. You can add your case details, or any other important points. Basically you can just use it like a personal storage, as your personal notes.


You may say, that you don’t want a shortcut in this too…!!

-> Yes, we can shorten the process.

There is an App named “Google Sheets”. It contains sheets similar to Microsoft Excel. You can download it from your App Store.
And then enter all case details directly into that sheet.

You can share this sheet with your associates, juniors and also allow them to edit it. So, that even they can add the case details of the cases they attended.

With the help of this app, you can do the same work. You will just skip all the WhatsApp procedure which is a bit long.


You can ALSO, write the same case details of each hearing somewhere on the case file itself. So that you have one more record, because anyway you will be carrying the case file always.


One may say that, it is not secured..!!

What if my mobile’s battery is dead? Or there is no internet connectivity?

See, in WhatsApp you can send messages even if there is no internet connectivity. And in Google Sheets offline mode is available.

Regarding battery, you must see to it that your mobile is charged enough when you go to court.

Such unavoidable instances may arise anyway. Even… your Diary may get lost or misplaced.

What will you do then??

I would suggest that making use of technology is a better option to be more efficient.


Are you not that aware about these technical things?? Don’t hesitate… I have made a pictorial guide explaining the above procedure. You can download it here. Refer that guide and do try it.


Google Sheets is free to use. But, it’s paid version is also available with more features under the GSuite Program. You can also get 20% off if you apply the promo code. Details are given below.

You can have a look at it here – https://refergsuite.app.goo.gl/chv7

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Did this help you, do tell me here. And if you have any more suggestions do tell me in the comments. Would love to hear that.

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