Thinking of a career in Law? This book will answer all your questions.



Are you planning to make a career in law? OR Have you recently joined a law school and are confused, what the right things to do are? Don’t worry, this book comes to your rescue.


Many students join law, with sheer passion looking at famous lawyers of the country like Ram Jethmalani, Harish Salve, Arun Jaitley, Kapil Sibal, etc. Some join reputed private law colleges or National Law Universities while some end up getting admission into a not so known local law college.

This write-up is mainly to help such students, so they use their time effectively to shape their career.

As you start your college life, you come across many new things and you may or may not get the required guidance for the same. At times, you may feel like a loser and think of packing your bags, go home and do something else.

Luckily, when I was in college, I came across this book.

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And THIS book gave answers, to all my doubts and questions. It also introduced me to many new things, which i was unaware of, even after spending some time in a law school.

The author of this book – “LAW AS A CAREER”, Mr. Tanuj Kalia is also a law graduate. He has gone through all those things a law student goes through, from internships, extracurriculars, to jobs, & much more.

And knows what obstacles one has to face in the whole journey. I am sure that this is the main reason, which motivated Mr. Tanuj Kalia to write such an informative book.

The book provides detailed information regarding all law entrance exams, careers in law, legal education and also has touched every aspect of a law school life from  extracurriculars, internships, abroad options to jobs.

This blog post will help you with some basic tips for a successful start in law school. I have clubbed the key insights from the book and added some points from my personal experience to provide you with the following tips.



    Students looking for a career in law must seriously concentrate on law books and inculcate the habit of reading regularly. Studying merely for degrees would only result in ineffective handling of legal procedures. A legal professional in any field, be it the courts, law firms, MNC or a NGO has to read a lot.
    Thus, this is the main habit which you have to incorporate in yourself. Other essential skill you need to acquire is “speed reading”. Books by Norman Lewis, Tony Buzan, Evelyn Wood are of a great help in this regard. Even there are many channels on Youtube like ‘Iris Reading’, which help you to develop this skill.


    Fluency in English is a must for this field. So, you must start improving and building a strong command over the language at an early stage. Read a lot, and also read topics not related to law like science, business, literature, etc. Your future clients can belong to any field, so such extra knowledge gained by you obviously will be helpful to you. You must also take efforts for building a good vocabulary & improving grammar simultaneously with reading.


    Attend lectures regularly. Don’t miss your lecture until there is some emergency or you are genuinely ill. Maintain whatever percentage of attendance your college prescribes. Which is usually 75% or else you may end up taking re-exams just because you don’t have the minimum required attendance.


    Take your exams seriously, make a proper timetable for your exams & follow it. Do not make any new commitments at least a month before your Exams. Don’t flunk, it will just put an additional burden of re-examination on your busy schedule.



    1. Internships – Start interning at an early stage, either with an advocate or with a law firm or any legal department of a MNC. Nowadays online internships opportunities are also available. Try opting for long term internships of at least 2 months. But, at the same time if you feel that you aren’t getting to learn much then considering leaving it early. I would suggest you to intern for longer duration under an independent Trial lawyer at least once. As it will give you an exposure about litigation in India which is the base of this field. And, this knowledge will always be helpful to you, even if you work in non-litigation.
    2. Volunteering – If not interning then start volunteering with an NGO or some social organization. Law is a field which is directly connected to society you live in. So the more you know about your society, the more clarity you will get about the society and its working system.
    3. Resolve public issues – There are many problems people have everywhere. You know the solutions or at least have an idea how to solve it. It is just that you haven’t thought of solving it sincerely. Example: Making a simple application to your Municipal corporator or MLA for getting things done in your area.       OR Filing a basic RTI application, taking initiatives for conducting meetings, making periodic follow ups for the same. Now you may think I am telling you to do social work, then you are right, of course I am. You may not get any monetary benefits if you do the work with honesty & integrity also you may ending up wasting your time and money but the amount of experience you will get, working with government departments, organizations and with people will be immeasurable.



    Co-curricular activities

    These activities are also a must. There will be many opportunities, and you have to make use of it. As, participating in such competitions will help you build confidence. It also enables you to make new friends, connect with your seniors and also professors . Also the certificates you get after participating will boost up your CV. Below is a list of some of the activities:

    1. Moot Court Competitions – It is a mock court. Teams from different colleges compete with each other. And law students (like lawyers in court) argue before a panel of Judges.
    2. Model Parliaments – Here, students participate in parliamentary proceedings of a legislature in a mock parliament. It helps students understand the working of a government also know about how laws are made. Which is important for future lawyers plus it is also a good confidence building exercise.
    3. Writing Papers – Getting their writing published in a reputed law journal is a dream come true for a student. Usually law journals issue “Call for papers” inviting articles from Law students, academicians, and legal professors. You are required to read a lot, also improve your researching skills for writing such papers. Both of which are important tools for a lawyer.
    4. Model United Nations – MUN is a simulation of UN bodies like the Security Council & General Assembly. It is an activity in which the students can learn about diplomacy, international relations & United Nations.
    5. Essay, Debate competitions, Seminars & conferences – Many of such competitions, seminars, workshops, etc are being organized by Law schools or law related organizations. Such events are a great way to know about contemporary developments in law & society. You also get to learn from and interact with experts, develop your presentation skills, speaking, structuring your ideas & answering questions.



    You may find outstanding mooters, researchers in every college. Some are known for their writing skills, some for their debating skills, and some for something else. Keep good terms with these seniors to know how they go about their work. Amongst your faculty members, some may be good, some boring & some geniuses. Whatever may be the case just respect your faculty as you respect your parents. Do ask questions in class, but if you see your teacher is getting uncomfortable then ask that question after class. Be polite & humble.


    You may fail in a subject, your partner may break up and unwanted relatives may arrive at your place…lol. Basically things aren’t in your hand. College can get tough and sometimes you will want to tackle it all alone. Seeking help is not a sign of weakness rather a sign of strength. Don’t shy or fear to take advice from your seniors, faculty & most importantly your parents.

  • CHILLChill

    Every college will have some societies, committees & groups. Do participate in whatever you want to. Here you are just pursuing a hobby not to compete with anyone, but to have fun & express yourself, so don’t feel low if any other person is better than you. Be it sports, music, art, travelling, indoor games, etc. just pursue it. It will help you spend time with like-minded friends, freshen up your mood & pass time constructively.

    Do take breaks when you feel too exhausted, even they are necessary. Do something which you enjoy, which soothes you, or just flips your mood from bad to good. For example: I am not an artist, but I start drawing whenever I feel like taking a break. For you it may be anything from shopping, movies, games, chatting, painting, swimming, jogging, meditating, music, etc.



After reading this blog post you come to know, what basic things will help you succeed in law school and also later in your career.

Remember, future doesn’t depend ONLY on the college you enroll into. Educational institutions do play an important role in a student’s life. But, one thing is for sure that if you are sincere, hardworking and interested in what you are doing then you will surely shine in the profession & pave your way to the Top Lawyers of India List.

The Book – “Law as a Career” is written in an exhaustive manner. The author has covered all the relevant topics needed to be a added in such a book. Which makes this book a must buy for all law aspirants & current law students.

So? did this blog help you even a bit? If yes then this book will surely help you a lot. Investing in a book which will help you enhance your future is a wise choice.
Don’t think much, just hit the image below and buy the book.

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