There are many social media sites like facebook, Instagram, etc is for personal life.

But, even professionals can use it for expanding their business in a different way.

LinkedIn is purely for professional networking.

But, Twitter is a platform which can be used for both, promoting your business and also increasing your professional network.

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In this blog-post, I am going to tell you some basic tips you must keep in mind when starting on Twitter.


But, WHY Twitter..???


There are around more than 30 million users in India. And do you know that 80% of Twitter users use Twitter only on their mobile.

Other platforms work well with long stories, whereas Twitter is a platform which is based on small tweets, not more than 280 characters.

So, that’s why you must use Twitter, because it will take less time as compared to other social media platforms.

Even if you are in the middle of something, and you have have 5-10 minutes, still you can get some work done on twitter.


Let’s go through some basics tips you must follow for twitter


#1. Bio

Anyone who visits your profile will read your bio first and then go through your tweets. So, Bio is very important if you want your profile visitor to follow you.

It is important for the Twitter search engine too. What information your place in your bio will also tell twitter more about you.

So, when someone searches those terms which are in your bio in twitter’s search bar, then all categories related to that search term will appear there.

Try adding some Hashtags in your bio which are relevant to your industry.

Keep it very clear and crisp. Because you have to describe yourself in just 160 characters.

Your bio should immediately grab the visitor’s attention, and compel him to know more about you.

For example: you can add things like your practice areas, expertise, your achievements, etc.

Many people add their political beliefs, religious beliefs and things like that. But, if you are using twitter to grow your professional network & connect with your clients, then I would suggest you to not add such things.

Because, it will just keep aside some category of people completely from viewing your profile and following you. But, finally it is completely your decision.

#2. Profile Image

Use a professional image if possible.

At least see to it, that the image looks decent and has a close up view where your face is clearly visible.

Look at the colors present in your image, size and image clarity.

Give more focus on how it will look when viewed from a mobile, because most users use twitter on their mobile phones.

If you are a law firm, then use your firm’s logo. Here, you have to pay more attention to the size of the image and its clarity.

#3. Header Image

This is a rectangular image which is displayed at the top of your profile.

Even here, look after the image quality & size.

I am saying this multiple times because, many times people use the same image on all their social media platforms. And it does not work like that.

Because, each platform has its particular rules regarding size of image, which if not followed properly then your profile will look ugly.

The main point you have to remember when deciding the image for your Header image is that it must be an activity photograph.

Which means it must tell some story.

For example: It can be picture of an award ceremony where you are receiving an award or just the book cover of your recently published book.

#4. Username

What you see after the ‘@’ symbol on anyone’s profile is his/her username, also known as twitter handle. This is your identity on twitter.

Don’t use any fancy names.

You can keep just your first name, but it may happen that, the username you are trying to keep is already taken.

Then you can try some variations, like your name & surname together or adding some description to your name.

For ex: if your name is Abhijeet & your are in the IPR sector, then you can keep it as ‘IPRabhijeet’.

Something like that, just keep in mind that it is not too long. Because, this will be the name used by other people to reply to you.


#5. Web URL

Where do you want to send your Twitter followers, whenever they visit your twitter profile??

Think in those terms and then add a web-link over here.

It can be a blog.

It can be your law firm’s website. or

It can be an amazon link of your book.


#6. Location

Make sure that you have specified the correct location, where you are working.

So, that the Twitter’s algorithm can match up your content to other locally based audience.


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