Who is a Judicial Clerk?

Bhai yeh “JC” kaun hai? Confused Face on Google Android 8.1 ??

You have probably heard the word “JC” many times while dealing with any work related to compliance or administration inside a Judicial Magistrate’s Court.

JC is an abbreviation of Judicial Clerk. He is the administrative incharge of the overall working of a court.

While you start your work as a junior lawyer, you will come to know that a lawyers work doesn’t only include drafting & arguing in courts. But, also things like applying for certified copies, complying court’s order related to bonds, etc.. So if you know properly where to go to get that work done then you will obviously save your time.

Below is a rough list of the duties usually performed by a Judicial Clerk.

  • To see that the Court hall and its surrounding is kept clean.
  • Supervise the work of Interpreter, Clerks, Typists, Stenos, Peons and Hamals. Custodian of Muddemal properties, documents, records and dead stock of the concerned court.
  • To attend the correspondence, to take orders of the Presiding Officer on the letters received and draft replies accordingly.
  • Comply the orders of the Court.
  • Sign the summons, notices, memos.
  • Check the warrants , initial it and send it for services and execution.
  • Make submissions on surety applications.
  • Check various types of bonds ordered by the Court.
  • Attend the writs of High Court and Sessions Court.
  • To prepare Appeal Book and send Record and Proceedings to the Supreme Court, High Court and Sessions Court.
  • Scrutinize & send periodical returns & any other statements required by the higher authority from time to time to the Head Office.
  • To issue attendance certificate to the witnesses.
  • Receive the application for certified copies.
  • Verify the diet and travelling expenses to be paid to the witnesses.
  • Compare the certified copies of notes of evidence and judgment to be supplied to the parties.
  • Sign the certified copies of orders and judgments.
  • Sign the daily fees register.
  • To see whether the subordinate staff writes/notes the results of each and every case, notice, application (Remand and Bail) in the specific register.
  • To make the subordinate staff enter the result of cases into the CIS System daily. And to get the system updated time to time.
  • To regularly make the General Clerk, Warrant Clerk, Summons Clerk and other staff do the classification of disposed cases. And send the same to record room.
  • Arrange to send the case to Cash Section when Court orders BDF or disposal of Valuable Muddemal Property in the case.
  • Receive the properties and documents received in cases as exhibits and keep them in custody.
  • Receive the Muddemal produced in the court & check the muddemal according to the description.
  • Enter the Muddemal & valuable property in the property register and to arrange the Muddemal in cupboard on the racks arranged in Muddemal room number-wise, case-wise and year-wise.
  • Affix the identifying slip to the Muddemal i.e. Case No.,Court No,Muddemal Property No, Safe Register number and date and to handover the valuable Muddemal to the Cashier for safe custody.
  • Write the orders of the disposal in the Muddemal register.
  • Take steps for disposal of Muddemal articles as per the orders of the Court.
  • Return the properties and documents as per orders of the Court.
  • Take steps for auction of Muddemal articles and hold auction as per the direction of the Presiding Officer and Credit the sale proceeds to the Government.
  • Make statements and Balance Sheet of the Muddemal properties.
  • Deal with lunacy matters.
  • Look after the work of Mediation of their respective court.
  • Prepare the Balance Sheet as per the directions of the Hon’ble High Court.
  • To place the circulars, Office Orders and any other correspondence before Judicial Officer.
  • Comply with the Inspection notes pertaining his/her duties.
  • Maintain all files except those maintained by his/her subordinate staff.
  • Maintain the dead stock register and property registers.
  • Any other work entrusted by the Presiding Officers.



  1. Muddemal means the property seized in a particular case.
  2. The above information contains a rough list. The presiding officer may assign some duties to some other person.

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